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Paper Mario 3D is Now Paper Mario: Sticker Star - E3 2012


Paper Mario: Sticker Star

The Nintendo E3 Press Conference has revealed the official title and release window for the upcoming 3DS Paper Mario game. As its name, Paper Mario: Sticker Star implies, stickers are a major focus of the story and gameplay. In Sticker Star, Bowser has interrupted the Sticker Festival by scattering the six magical Royal Stickers. Mario must travel across the Mushroom Kingdom along with the sticker fairy Kersti to get them back from the villain and his minions.

Stickers can be found by peeling them off of objects, buying them, or even making them and storing them in a notebook for later use. Stickers are used as items and attacks during battles. They can also be used to locate secret areas and hidden items. Paper Mario: Sticker Star is coming out this Holiday season in North America. More screenshots can be viewed here and art here .

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Paper Mario 3D
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