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Final Set of XIII-2 DLC Forecasts Snow and Lightning


Final Fantasy XIII-2

The last announced set of Final Fantasy XIII-2 DLC is now available for players to download from Xbox Live Marketplace and the PlayStation Network Store. This set includes two story-related pieces of DLC, each featuring returning characters from the original game.

"Lightning's Story: Requiem of the Goddess" is a special story episode that focuses on the hitherto unseen battle between Lightning and Caius. Players will be able to control Lightning with special abilities for the episode and adjust the difficulty as they see fit. Square Enix has advised that players complete the main game before completing "Lightning's Story" as it includes key story details. "Lightning's Story" is available for 400 Microsoft Points or $3.99.

Click here to see more screenshots. Click here to see some character art.

"Snow’s Story: Perpetual Battlefield" sees him taking part in battles at the Coliseum after being separated from Serah. This episode also features a battle against the Arbiter of Time, who has been watching the Coliseum's events, and will allow players to unlock Snow as a party member. "Snow's Story" is available for 320 Microsoft Points, or $3.99.

Finally, there are also new costumes available. Serah receives a White Mage outfit, while Noel receives a Black Mage outfit. There is also a set of sixteen different Moogle costumes for their companion, Mog. Serah and Noel's outfits, and the set of Moogle costumes, are each available for 240 Microsoft Points, or $2.99.

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