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Wakfu is a PC MMORPG that features Final Fantasy Tactics-style combat. It utilizes a turn-based system where the player moves along a grid in order to defeat enemies. When in battle, the character has gauges for movement range, number of skills they can use (stamina), and the number of area effects they can leave on the battle field. During the player's turn, they are given thirty seconds to make their move. The quicker the player takes their turn, the more experience they will receive. The demo available at E3 featured eight available classes to play, but there will be fourteen classes when the game is released.

At character creation, players will choose which class their characters starts with. Each class has its own set of unique skills. These class skills are leveled separately from magic skills. Characters will also be able to branch into professions such as trapper and chef. Professions become accessible after the player has answered a series of multiple choice questions correctly. While a chef's role is simple enough to understand, a trapper is a bit more complex. They collect seeds left behind from male animals after they have mated and by obtaining a seed, the trapper can either sell the seed or plant it in order to produce a new animal.

The element of Wakfu which stood out to me the most was way monsters are affected via gameplay. For instance, if certain monsters are killed too often, it can cause the extinction of that animal. One way to prevent this would be through the political system Wakfu has implemented. Once every two weeks, people can elect other players into several government positions. For instance, if a person is elected mayor they can implement a series of laws. As demonstrated in the demo, the current mayor of the town had made it a crime to kill that specific animal. Elected positions only influence the player's reputation. However, if their reputation is too low the player would be considered a rebel. This is just a small taste of what Wakfu has to offer. The open beta should be starting this summer, so keep an eye out for that.

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