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Deluge of Final Fantasy Type-0 Info


Final Fantasy Type-0

Dengeki magazine has revealed quite a bit about the characters and gameplay of future PSP title Final Fantasy Type-0. Among the newly revealed playable characters is Sice, who uses a scythe and has a move called "Black Hole." There is also King who wields two guns and can use the "Power Bullet" to deal massive damage to nearby enemies. Eight has red hair and specializes in hand-to-hand combat as he dislikes weapons which take people's lives. Arecia Al-Rashina is a busty NPC and head of the Suzaku School magic division. She is known for occasionally doing unbelievable things.

More information was also given on Gilgamesh, who was first unveiled at a tournament for Dissdia Duodecim: Final Fantasy. Gilgamesh is an enormous boss and a l'Cie (people branded by godlike beings called fal'Cie to serve them), who has gained the power of Genbu, his nation's crystal. The people of Lolica, Gilgamesh's country, use the power of the Genbu crystal to strengthen their bodies. Speaking of crystals, the other three, Suzaku, Byakko, and Souryu reside in the nations of Rebrum, Milites, and Concordia respectively.

As for gameplay, the magazine described the Active World Map system. At times areas on the map will come under attack and the player will have to take part in the defense against the enemy forces. When moving normally on the world map, there will be encounter-based fights. Dengeki also went into detail on one type of mission in which the player must take back a city seized by enemy forces. This is done by defeating the troop and their commanders. Once the enemy has been routed, players will be able to shop in that city.

Some battle system aspects shown in the demo video that was played at the Dissidia tournament were also clarified. The game's Kill Sight system activates when an attack hits an enemy while a red target is displayed on it, killing it instantly. Break Sight is similar, but instead a yellow mark is shown and the foe is dealt a large amount of damage. Special Orders are given from the higher ups during a mission. They are special conditions that, if cleared, will earn the player items and other bonuses. If the player fails to meet them, his or her character will die. These Special Orders can be accepted or ignored at the beginning of a mission. No penalties will be incurred, but no rewards given if the Orders are ignored.

Part of the Fabula Nova Crystallis collection Final Fantasy Type-0 is due out for release sometime this summer in Japan. A release outside of Japan has not been announced.

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Final Fantasy Type-0
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