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DeathSpank Returns in The Baconing


Hothead Games

Hothead Games has announced the third entry in its DeathSpank action RPG series, titled simply The Baconing. Created without the influence of Ron Gilbert, who left Hothead to pursue other ventures, The Baconing aims to greatly improve the series' combat system while maintaining its trademark humor. The Baconing has been announced for PC, Mac, and "other systems" for Summer 2011.

Having collected the Thongs of Virtue in the previous title, DeathSpank must now seek out the Fires of Bacon in order to destroy them. His quest will take him to a satirical version of a post-apocalyptic world, accompanied by his new sidekick, Bob from Marketing. Bob appears to be some kind of space zombie, as his attacks include laser eye beams, eating dead bodies to restore health, and eating live zombies as an attack option.

While The Baconing is full of new quests, characters, items, and an all-new story, the most welcome addition is a slew of combat system improvements. Enemies will be smarter, having gained the ability to flank DeathSpank and to heal each other intelligently. DeathSpank will also have new moves, such as the ability to shield bash, deflect arrows, and perform a charged attack. The development team's aim is to create more interesting battles that allow for strategic decision-making.

Sadly, there aren't any screenshots out for The Baconing, but we have this teaser trailer that "explains" the title:

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