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Bethesda Softworks has provided details on three new DLC packs that will be coming over the next few months for Fallout: New Vegas. The first DLC pack, "Honest Hearts," will be coming on May 17. It will be followed by "Old World Blues" in June and "Lonesome Road" in July. All three packs will be released for each of the game's platforms at the same time. These packs will cost 800 Microsoft Points on Xbox LIVE, and $9.99 on the PlayStation Network, Steam, and Direct2Drive.

"Honest Hearts" is set in Utah's Zion National Park, where tribal groups have divided the wilderness. The player's character gets attacked by these locals, and has to navigate the politics of the region as the different tribes descend into war. In the midst of this, the player will be dragged into the conflict between a New Canaanite missionary and a mysterious figure called the Burned Man.

"Old World Blues" brings the player to Pre-War research labs in the Big Empty, where the player's character is kidnapped and turned into an unwilling test subject in a twisted experiment. The only ways out are to either find a way to turn the tables on the scientists in charge of the experiment, or to join forces with them against a looming outside threat.

"Lonesome Road" promises to answer mysteries linked to the very beginning of the New Vegas story concerning Ulysses, the person who was supposed to be the courier of the Platinum Chip, but refused. Learning the truth behind these mysteries will take the player on a dangerous trek into the Divide, a treacherous series of canyons torn by earthquakes and severe storms that no one has ever returned from alive.

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