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Even More Final Fantasy Type-0 Details


Final Fantasy Type-0

This week's Dengeki PlayStation magazine has divulged more details on Final Fantasy Type-0. One major revelation is the significance of the word "Moogle" in the game. While the staple Final Fantasy species will appear in this game, the name is also an acronym. "Moogle" stands for "Military Operation Organization Guidance/Logistics Expert." Each class at Suzaku Magic School has a Moogle. For Class 0, which the main characters belong to, their Moogle is named Hattsumikamine Routoyousuna Elfuruchi.

Other characters were also introduced in the magazine feature. There is Khalia Chival VI, who is the 174th principal of Suzaku. He is an elderly man, widely known for his use of magic when he was younger. As principal, he is also the leader of the country of Rebrum. Next is Qator Bashtar, a general of the country of Milites, who invades Rebrum. He is a prideful soldier who wields a gun and a sword and is always at the front lines in battle. Then there is Izana, a Suzaku soldier and apparently a fan of Chocobos.

Some gameplay details were also given. Suzaku will serve as the player's base of operations. Accessing the Crystarium archives will allow player to view background information and in-game battle history. Degneki also reveals that there will be free missions that can be taken on by speaking to a Moogle after some conditions are met. After getting orders, the player moves to the world map, then goes toward the battle field. Each mission has certain conditions that must be met to clear it. In addition, there was some mention of two Summons: Golem and Ifrit. Golem was revealed to have a "rocket punch" attack and can go into burst mode to raise its attack and defense power.

No additional details were given on Machina, Rem, or Cid in Dengeki, two of the main characters and one of the major villains of Final Fantasy Type-0, respectively. Information on them was leaked from V Jump magazine previously.

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Final Fantasy Type-0
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