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Level-5 Press Conference Reveals Ni No Kuni for PS3


Ni No Kuni: The Another World

This afternoon (Japan time), Level-5 held a press conference about Ni No Kuni: The Another World, its collaboration with Studio Ghibli that is coming to Japan on the DS this December. The conference began with a demonstration of the game on DS, in which the game's interface and battle system was shown. The game includes a detailed map that includes information about various locations, a spell system that involves tracing shapes on the touch screen, and whimsical enemies such as a large purple mouselike boss.

Here are some screenshots from the DS demo:

After the DS demonstration, Level-5 announced that there will be a Ni No Kuni game for the PlayStation 3. The PS3 trailer featured high-definition animation for the in-game graphics. It also had a different subtitle from the DS game, and Level 5 confirmed that they hope to make a different game in the same setting for the PS3 so that players can enjoy both games. Currently, Level-5 plans to release the PS3 game in 2011. No North American version has yet been announced for Ni No Kuni on the DS or the PS3.

Here are some PS3 in-game (not cutscene) graphics:

For more Ni No Kuni DS screens, see this screenshot gallery. For more PS3 screens, see this one.

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Ninokuni: The Another World
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