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E3 - Harvest Moon: Grand Bazaar - Impression


Harvest Moon: Grand Bazaar

Harvest Moon: Grand Bazaar is the latest edition to the Harvest Moon series. I have never played a Harvest Moon game before and I didn't get much time to play with Grand Bazaar at E3, but with all the additions to this new version, I am seriously thinking about buying this game.

The best part of Grand Bazaar is, of course, the bazaar. This is a weekly event occurring on either Saturday or Sunday where you can sell things that you have grown, made, collected, or caught to earn money. The bazaar will grow in size as you continue through the story, and you no longer have to use shipping bins as in previous games.

The main way to make money in the game is by growing things on your farm. Grand Bazaar also allows you to make money by creating items at your windmill. These items include beer, fertilizer, flour, and even diamond rings that you can give to your future spouse or friends. In addition to your farm and windmill, you can also catch bugs.

Another new feature in this game is the ability to level up your cats and dogs. Cats and dogs now have a purpose in this game. Cats will help raise chickens, and dogs will help take in sheep and cows from the field. As you level up your cats and dogs, they will get better at doing their job.

Movement is also easier in this Harvest Moon with the addition of a double jump. With this addition, you will be able to get to more locations and hopefully, get to places much faster.

Finally, you can play with your friends, via wi-fi or local wireless. Your friends can help you harvest, farm, mill things, and more. They can even buy things from your store.

With all of these new features, I am excited to play Harvest Moon: Grand Bazaar. It is going to be some serious fun! Look out for it on July 27.

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Harvest Moon: Grand Bazaar
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