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E3 - Epic Mickey To Contain RPG Elements


Epic Mickey

Disney's Epic Mickey, developed by Warren Spector, has been of interest to gamers for some time. In the game, Mickey Mouse accidentally ends up in the Cartoon Wasteland, home to forgotten, retired, and rejected Disney characters. Naturally, he is soon charged with solving the Wasteland's problems. Along with having the goal of taking the character of Mickey Mouse back to his mischevious roots, Spector appears to be integrating role-playing elements into the action-adventure/platforming genre in a new way.

Mickey has two main powers at his disposal: paint and thinner. Paint is used to create objects and enrich the world. Thinner is used to erase objects, and has less desirable effects on the landscape. The player can choose whether to use paint or thinner in order to solve problems, and the player's gameplay style will determine the path that Mickey travels, the quests available to him, the way NPCs react to him, and even his own physical appearance. Role-playing via gameplay style is one of the cornerstones of the game, and is an extension of Spector's development history with games like Deus Ex.

Epic Mickey is currently planned as a Wii exclusive, and will be released for the 2010 holiday season. For more Epic Mickey images, please see our screenshot gallery.

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Epic Mickey
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