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E3 - Golden Sun DS Is Golden Sun: Dark Dawn


Golden Sun: Dark Dawn

After a year of radio silence after last year's announcement of a Golden Sun game for the DS, Nintendo gave the game its moment in the sun during this year's E3 keynote address. Officially titled Golden Sun: Dark Dawn, the DS game takes place 30 years after the end of Golden Sun: The Lost Age and stars the children of the original cast. Although their parents saved the world of Weyerd by bringing back the healing power of the Golden Sun, this generation of heroes faces a new threat: Psynergy vortexes which are sucking the magic out of the land and its people.

Golden Sun: Dark Dawn retains the classic features of the series, such as dungeons filled with puzzles that are solved with Psynergy skills and powerful Djinn which can be summoned in battle. It adds features that take advantage of the DS, including having summons and cutscenes spanning both screens and usage of the touch screen for actions such as Psynergy abilities and streamlined battle move selection.

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Golden Sun DS
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