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Third Set of Dungeons Sieged by Trio


Dungeon Siege III

After much Twitter teasing, the cat is now out of the bag. The Square Enix game that will "shock" us is none other than Dungeon Siege III. This alone might not be a big shock, considering the Square Enix ties to Dungeon Siege series creator Gas Powered Games, but there is a twist here. It seems that Gas Powered Games is merely overseeing this project as Obsidian Entertainment is developing the title with Square Enix handling the publishing responsibilities.

Dungeon Siege III is no longer a PC only series, as it will hit PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 along with PC this time. This action RPG will allow players to create a character from a selection of customizable classes and then to venture out into the world of kingdom of Ehb solo or co-op with friends. There are also companions who can be recruited, each with their own unique personalities and combat styles. Obsidian's well-known storytelling talents will be shown in the game, which is touted as having important decisions to make and alliances that the player can form. No date has been given yet, but RPGamer will have more details on this after we get a look at the game at E3.

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Dungeon Siege III
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