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Fable III Collector's Edition Contents Detailed


Fable III

Microsoft and Lionhead Studios have announced that there will be a limited Collector's Edition of Fable III for the Xbox 360. The Collector's Edition will contain several pieces of physical memorabilia as well as some exclusive in-game content.

As can be seen in the pictures below, the Fable III Collector's Edition contains a fancy case, a set of playing cards featuring characters from the game, and a gold seal coin with "good" and "evil" sides to assist in making critical game decisions. The in-game content includes a quest in the Silverpines Forest, a-yet-unnamed exclusive region in which the player can live, the Boxer dog breed for your canine companion, and two unique outfits: one for each gender of player character.

The standard edition of Fable III will sell for $59.99/£44.99/€64.99, while the Collector’s Edition will retail for $79.99/£59.99/€84.99. The Windows version will retail for $49.99/£39.99/€54.99, and will also be available for download from Microsoft's Games for Windows Live.

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Fable III
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