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White Knight Chronicles 2 Data Transfer Detailed


White Knight Chronicles 2

New information has been revealed about what type of data from White Knight Chronicles will be carried over to the sequel. If you've cleared the first game the following will carry over:

-Your online avatar

-Guild and synthesis rank

-All items, materials, and equipment



-Your paid items and DL presents from Georama mode

Unfortunately, levels and skills do not carry over. Everyone including the avatar will start the game at level 35 and all skills will be reset as skills have either been added or removed.

Level 5 will also have some nice bonuses for anyone who transfers their data to the sequel. A "Skilled Certificate" will be awarded to all avatars that have reached GR12 to GR14 and those who've reached GR15 shall recieve a "Master's Certificate." Anyone who has fulfilled the Platium Trophy conditions will recieve either a Platium Crown or Platium Tiara.

Finally the Company has announced that White Knight Chronicles 2 will be the final chapter in the chronicle. Since its debut, many have assumed that the series would be a trilogy, but Level 5 has never said anything official about it being a trilogy.

White Knight Chronicles 2 will be avialble for the PS3 on July 8, 2010 in Japan. At this time neither a North America or European release has been announced.

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White Knight Chronicles 2
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