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Arc Rise Characters Come Forth


Arc Rise Fantasia

Today, we come to you bearing gifts of Arc Rise Fantasia character details. The main character, L'Arc, is a mercenary working for the Meridian Empire. He begins the game battling dragons with other soldiers, but when he finds himself in trouble, he is rescued by the mysterious girl Ryfia, a Diva from the opposing Turmelian Republic. She is socially awkward and makes lots of nonsensical comments due to her lack of knowledge of the world around her.

Further helping L'Arc along his journey are two more companions. First is Alf, a prince of the Meridian Empire. Alf is typically given the rough jobs around the castle, so he is more comfortable with the rough mercenary L'Arc than he is royalty. Fellow mercenary Niko also tags along to help L'Arc find his way.

What RPG is complete without some kind of love subplot? Arc Rise Fantasia has just that. L'Arc's childhood friend Adele claims that he's just like a brother to her, but shows her jealous side as L'Arc and Ryfia become closer. Leslie is a mysterious character who is both powerful and flirtatious at the same time which is a dangerous combo.

Rounding out this cast are three suspicious characters. The bandit Serge becomes an unexpected ally when he helps the team escape from the assassin sisters, Luna and Paula. Surely more will be revealed about this trio as the game progresses.

Arc Rise Fantasia will hit store shelves in June, so stay tuned to RPGamer for more details as the game's release nears. In the meantime, check out our first look at Arc Rise Fantasia by our very own Emanuel Merino.

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Arc Rise Fantasia
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