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Guild Wars 2 Goes Elemental, Begins Unveiling Game Details


Guild Wars 2

Developer ArenaNet has pulled back the curtain and begun to reveal details about their upcoming MMORPG, Guild Wars 2. Their first feature focuses on the combat system as well as unveiling the first of eight professions: the Elementalist.

The Guild Wars 2 combat system features a number of changes from the original Guild Wars game. Combat positioning will now be important, as players can do things such as strike for maximum damage from behind an enemy. Combat skills will be even more fantastically visual, with examples like a character turning into a tornado or summoning a flock of birds of prey. Players will be able to combine attacks from different professions as well, such as creating a hail of flaming projectiles by shooting an arrow through a wall of flame. Environmental objects like siege weapons or even boulders can also be used as weapons. Guild Wars 2 continues the Guild Wars tradition of extensive character customization in terms of combat skills, adding weapon skills and racial abilities to the mix.

The first revealed profession of Guild Wars 2 is the Elementalist, returning from the first game but with new mechanics. The Elementalist has the ability to attune to the four different elements during combat. Attuning to a new element gives the Elementalist different passive bonuses and access to element-based skillsets. Fire focuses on area of effect damage, air on single-target damage, water on controlling enemy movement, and earth on defensive spells.

Elementalists use four unique kinds of spells. Glyphs enhance and modify other spells, signets provide a passive benefit but can also be activated for an additional spell effect, conjuration spells summon useful objects and items, and area spells summon hazards or elemental effects around the battlefield.

ArenaNet has provided images of three player races attired as Elementalists; a Charr, Asura, and Human:

Guild Wars 2 is being developed for the PC and does not yet have a release date. Like Guild Wars, it will not have a monthly subscription fee.

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Guild Wars 2
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