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AFD: Xenoblade Ties to Xeno Series Revealed



In a recent interview with Dengeki Japan, Monolith Soft revealed that the upcoming Wii RPG Xenoblade (quietly announced last E3 as Monado) will have direct ties to Xenogears and Xenosaga after all. Producer and director Tetsuya Takahashi stated that after pouring his heart and soul into the Xeno games that he wanted to add a little something to please the fans of his prior works.

This real-time, fast-paced RPG takes places on the bodies of two dead gods as seen in the game's artwork. Tetsuya has revealed that these "gods" are actually gears from prior games. One is Brigandier, the gear of Bart Fatima from Xenogears and the other is E.S. Dinah from Xenosaga. Since these prior games were published by another developer, the names will be changed to avoid any potential conflict. Tetsuya claims that Xenoblade is indirectly the spiritual Episode IV in the Xeno timeline.

These gear gods were frozen during a conflict that occurred many centuries prior to the start of the game. Late in the game players will gain access to the inside of these gears where they will find mini-game arenas unique to each. The Brigandier arena will feature Chu-Chu breeding and racing. Inside E.S. Dinah is a Jr's Shooting Gallery where players can win trophies of characters from Xenosaga along with a synopsis of what the heck actually happened in that trilogy.

Xenoblade is currently looking to be an April 1, 2011 release in North America, though the game has yet to be officially acknowledged by Nintendo of America, who still wonders how it got on their press list last E3.

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