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ESRB Hints at Final Fantasy Tactics on PSN


Final Fantasy Tactics

Yet again, the ESRB website has proven itself to be a useful tool for predicting upcoming titles coming to the PlayStation Network. This time the game involved is Square Enix's Final Fantasy Tactics, recently rated for the PlayStation 3 and PSP by the ESRB.

Originally released on the PlayStation on June 20, 1997 in Japan, and on January 29, 1998 in North America, Tactics brought chocobos and black mages onto an isometric tactical battlefield. The game uses a job system similar to those found in other Final Fantasy titles. Once a character reaches a certain level of his current job, he can unlock and switch to a more powerful job. Tactics takes place in Ivalice, the location of other more recent games such as Final Fantasy XII.

ESRB ratings are nothing close to a confirmation of a game's release on any platform, but rather an indication of a possibility. Those wanting to experience this classic title should keep a close eye on the PlayStation Network to see what may come.

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Final Fantasy Tactics
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