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Aksys Games Wants Us to Become Heroes


Hero's Saga Laevatein Tactics

Aksys Games announced today that it will be bringing GungHo's unique DS tactical RPG Hero's Saga Laevatein Tactics to North America. Laevatein Tactics is described by Project Lead Frank "Bo" deWindt II as a game that "really brings back the spirit of SRPGs of old." He continues by saying "You can definitely see bits and pieces of many SRPGs, like Ogre Battle and Tactics Ogre, lending their influence to help inspire a stellar game."

The game's story details a war across the continent of Yulamecca. Young prince Ernesto of Valencia was handed a mysterious sword by a strange girl to fend off an undead attack, but little did he know that taking that blade sparked a war greater than he ever imagined.

But aside from the cliché story, this tactical RPG is about gameplay. Players can command a force into battle instead of just a single unit, and formations will play a key role in combat. These units will change class, abilities, and appearance based on the weapons they are equipped with. Collecting and using the powerful Vaettir Arms will grant players access to the Einherjar ability of Valhalla Break. What that exactly means has yet to be explained.

Laevatein Tactics also contains an ad hoc wireless trading feature where players can exchange items, loan heroes, and do battle. North American RPGamers will be able to understand much more about this unique sounding tactical RPG later this year.

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