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The Lunar Series Continues


Lunar: Harmony of Silver Star

GungHo Works has revealed in the upcoming issue of Famitsu magazine that the Lunar series will be continuing on the PlayStation Portable later this year in Japan, under the title of Lunar: Harmony of Silver Star. With Game Arts being listed in the magazine under the Copyright for 2009, it can be gathered that the company will likely be handling its development. This is further substantiated by the fact that GungHo Works owns Game Arts.

The game features updated graphics and also still maintains anime cutscenes similar to those found in past remakes of the game. It is currently unknown which version of the original Lunar that this is a remake of at this point. At this time, the game remains unannounced for North America, though with the timing of its announcement prior to E3, one could hold out hope.

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Lunar: Harmony of Silver Star
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