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Nostalgia Floats Through the Skies this September



Today Ignition Entertainment and Tecmo have stated that they are working together to bring over Matrix Software and Red Entertainment's DS RPG Nostalgia to North America. Previously known as Nostalgeo no Kaze (Wind of Nostalgio), this game is set in an alternate 19th-century Earth and will have RPGamers flying across the globe to save the world from evil this September.

Players are placed in the role of Eddie, a Londoner traveling around the world in a steam-powered zeppelin. Nostalgia features real world locations such as London, New York, Cairo, Africa, and Russia and will have players on land and in the skies. Ground combat is standard turn-based action, but airship battles will be large-scale strategic conflicts. Graphically, Nostalgia will sport complete 3D worlds blended with anime-inspired art. Many dungeons will contain puzzles and traps, a selection of non-linear quests are available, and lots of customization options. Customization will have players tricking out their airship with weapons, armor and skills while personalizing characters involves a branching skill tree.

Nostalgia has quite the pedigree. The game features Keisuke Kikuchi as producer (Fatal Frame, Tokobot), Naoki Morita as director (Sakura Taisen), Yoshiteru Tsujino as art director (Far East of Eden), Takuhito Kusanagi as airship designer (Grandia, Blue Submarine No.6, Samurai 7), and Keita Amemiya as enemy designer (Iria- Zeiram the Animation, Kamen Rider). Nostalgia producer, Keisuke Kikuchi says, "I knew this game had such potential when I saw Mr. Morita's project book. It is an adventure game set in another Earth, offering an enjoyable story that involves various different cultures in many diverse locations. The key element that brings the game together is the airship, the conveyance which fits its game system and world-view. I wanted to make this idea into a product for everyone to play."

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Wind of Nostalgia
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