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Steal Princess Pushed Into May


Steal Princess

Atlus's genre-mixing Steal Princess, which was supposed to be released in a couple of weeks, has recently been pushed back for a second time until May 19. While delays of this sort are common, this does not seem to be the case of a normal delay.

Gamestop had been taking pre-orders for Steal Princess, but as of now the retail chain will no longer be carrying the game. For RPGamers interested in the title, Steal Princess will be available through other retail outlets such as Every copy of the game is still set to include a mini-poster that had its design voted on by Atlus fans.

Steal Princess is a 3-D action puzzle platformer that includes over 150 levels. It is a spiritual sequel to the Genesis's Landstalker. Once beaten, each of the game's levels can be replayed to beat the best completion times, earn higher rankings, earn better endings, and collect gems to unlock items.

Steal Princess will also provide a unique map-maker mode that will give players access to all of the worlds, weapons, items, traps, and enemies encountered in Story Mode. Player levels are extremely customizable: map size can be altered, moving platforms can be deployed, enemies can be placed, victory conditions can be chosen, and more. Furthermore, maps can be traded through the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection.

Steal Princess has been rated E10+ by the ESRB. The game will be available with an MSRP of $34.99.

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Steal Princess
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