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New Tales Announced for Multiple Systems


Bandai Namco

New entries in the Tales series were announced this week in the pages of Japan's Weekly Shonen Jump. One is the confirmation of the Wii Tales, one is a port, and the last is a fighting game.

The Wii game previously known as "Tales of Wii" has been given the official title of Tales of Graces. Not much is known about Graces at this time other than that the main character may have lost someone important and vows to never lose anyone again.

Tales of Vesperia, originally released for the Xbox 360 but often rumored to be coming to the PlayStation 3, is now officially coming to Sony's console. The PlayStation 3 version of Vesperia will have at least one new addition in the form of a pirate-styled character named Patty Fleur.

Lastly, Tales of VS was also announced for the PSP. The game takes a page from Square Enix's Dissidia: Final Fantasy, a fighting game that uses Final Fantasy characters. Tales of VS will feature a four-player fighting mode in which various characters from multiple Tales games can engage.

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