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Arc Rise Fantasia to Contaminate Wii


Arc Rise Fantasia

Marvelous Entertainment Inc. has announced Arc Rise Fantasia for the Nintendo Wii. The development staff for Arc Rise Fantasia includes a variety of veteran developers including director Hiroyuki Kanemaru (Tales of Symphonia), scenario writer Takumi Miyajima (Tales of the Abyss), character designer Kenichi Yoshida (Eureka 7), and Roguresu (summon beasts) designer Shin Nagasawa (Bahamut Lagoon).

In the empire of Meridian, creatures called "Contaminant Dragons" roam freely and cause a poisonous explosion when they die that contaminates the local area. The story of Arc Rise Fantasia begins when a horde of Contaminant Dragons marches on the empire's capital, Diamant, and the empire sends out an army to stop them. Bright, a calm and composed novice mercenary, and his friend Alse, the keen and adored Prince and second in line for the throne, are part of this regiment, but in a heated battle Bright is severely injured and is narrowly saved by a girl named Ryphia, a nave and reserved girl with a secret past. Ryphia possesses the ability to control "ley squalls," which are storms fueled by magic that take the shape of luminous rain. Besides these three characters, there is also Adele, a Diamant magic instructor who shares an equal interest in both her light-based offensive spells and fashion.

Arc Rise Fantasia will feature three-character party battles with a single shared AP gauge, which empties with each action executed. Characters will have a variety of skills that will increase in power together. Lastly, the game will feature summon beasts called "Rogeresu". These Rogeresu serve to teach the player everything they need to know about the game's world.

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Arc Rise Fantasia
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