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Atlus Hands Gamers Shovel, Make Them Dig


Master of the Monster Lair

Atlus as announced yet another game for the Nintendo DS, Master of the Monster Lab. Known in Japan as Dungeon Maker DS, this dungeon-designing game allows gamers to hunt and capture monsters by making a dungeon. This dungeon needs to appeal to the evil creatures while the player attempts to quell the monster threat to the once peaceful town of South Arc. Not only is the player an architect, but they can also battle the wicked monsters that take up residence inside for the hope of gaining newer and better weapons and items.

The adventure begins with the hero happening upon a talking shovel that encourages him to dig a dungeon to trap the rampaging monsters around the town. Players will then be able to populate their dungeon with over twenty different room types, including chapels, cellars, stables, and dumps. These different room types lure in different types of monsters to hunt. Players are also able to share their lair via the DS's local wireless connectivity.

Master of the Monster Lair is rated "E10+" by the ESRB. The game will be available on September 2 and players interested in more details can visit the official site for more details.

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