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SEGA Announces Infinite Line



Earlier today, SEGA announced a partnership with the Japanese game development studio PlatinumGames Inc. At the same time SEGA announced the first wave of games to be released under said partnership. Though all the games were different genres, one of the titles was a RPG: Infinite Line for the Nintendo DS.

Infinite Line is a space-exploration RPG developed by Nude Maker Co., Ltd. that allows the player to take control and command of one or more of their own space ships. There will be over 150 space ships to choose from, each being customizable and reconfigurable. Additionally, there will be over 200 characters that players can choose as a part of their ship crew.

Hifumi Kouno, who is probably most famously known for the Steel Battalion and Clock Tower franchises, will be directing the title, while Junji Okubo and Sawaki Takeyasu -- the character designer and mecha artist from the Steel Battalion series -- will be joining the team in designing both the characters and space ships. The game will be produced by Atsushi Inaba, who has had a hand in notable works such as Okami, God Hand, and the Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney, Steel Battalion, and Viewtiful Joe series'. Infinite Line is currently scheduled for release sometime in 2009.

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Infinite Line
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