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RttS 2008 - XSEED Games Meeting Summary



RPGamer ventured into the office of XSEED Games on Tuesday and was quickly blindfolded and taken deep into a secret cave full of RPGs and other glorious items. We were shown things far beyond our imagination by the tag team of Ken Berry and Jimmy Soga. Sadly, after seeing everything that XSEED had upcoming over the next few months, Valhalla Knights 2 project lead Michael Engler came into the room and flashed our memories M.I.B. style. Needless to say, XSEED has much more than Valhalla Knights 2 in the works. Hopefully over the next few months we might be able to recall more of our memories.

What we did find out is that XSEED is currently working on about half a dozen projects across the PSP, DS, and Wii. As far as XSEED's relationship with Marvelous Entertainment goes, they will be partnering with Marvelous to assist their North American branch in publishing titles, but will not be the sole party involved. For instance, Natsume will still be handling the Harvest Moon series. We can state that there are a handful of Marvelous-published titles coming to North America both this year and the next due in part to XSEED, but only time will tell exactly what these will be. The fact that XSEED is owned by the Japanese-based AQ Interactive is also an interesting fact, but XSEED stated that this does not mean that they will publish everything tied to AQI.

Sadly, XSEED had no news on the current status of the Wild ARMs series. They also didn't rule out the possibility of bringing over more PlayStation 2 titles, but it was stated that the outlook is not too promising as many retailers are not wanting to carry them. It would be best not to get your hopes up for anything PlayStation 2 related, even though it is not completely out of the question. While we did get our hands on some unannounced games, we cannot speak about them as of right now. Keep your eyes peeled, as RPGamer will post our hands-on impressions as soon as we regain our memories. Our thanks go out to the entire staff at XSEED Games for welcoming us into their home, but we would like our memories back soon.

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