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RttS 2008 - Square Enix Interview


Square Enix

Once again Square Enix was kind enough to allow RPGamer into their offices. We were able to get to talk with them about their upcoming game lineup and their thoughts on the game industry. Here is what Amelia Cantlay, Sonia Im, and Klee Kuo had to say.

So can you tell us about unannounced or upcoming RPGs?
Team: We wish we could, but that is out of our hands. We would be more than willing to talk our announced lineup, though.

Well sadly, you've taken out about 90% of our reader questions. Everyone wants to know about games like Dragon Quest IX, Final Fantasy XIII, and Final Fantasy VII Remake. So you can't tell us anything about them?
Team: Yes, sadly, we cannot comment on anything that is not announced. Square Enix Japan would be the one to talk to about those.

Ok, so what about the Virtual Console, how do you all decide what comes out for it?
Sonia: The Virtual Console releases are not handled through our office. I believe that most of it is dealt with through Square Enix Japan and Nintendo directly.

Remakes have been a big issue lately, some people feel love them, others hate them. What are your thoughts about all of the remakes that you have been releasing?
Sonia: I think the remakes are a great way to reintroduce people to some of the older titles that they might not have seen before.
Amelia: Different developers have different intentions with their remakes. Some want to completely reinvision their game to see how it would do in today's market as is the case with Final Fantasy IV for the DS, so I think it really depends on the game.
Klee: As a Square Enix fan that started playing RPG with Final Fantasy VII, I think it is nice to get to look back at the history of the company and play games that I might not have gotten a chance to play before. I really like having totally new content, not just a straight port.

With a major series like Dragon Quest moving its main game to a portable system, what is your take on the shift to portable gaming?
Amelia: Portable systems are much more accessible, at least for me. I really enjoy playing Ring of Fates with friends, so the wireless aspect of games like that is nice. It is fun to just be able to play a game while waiting in line.
Klee: I enjoy playing handhelds while traveling, but I'm still about half and half between my love of consoles and handhelds. For instance, I'm really looking forward to console games like Metal Gear Solid 4 and, of course, Final Fantasy XIII.
Sonia: I've really had no time to play console game much anymore. Interestingly enough, I was on jury duty and saw an adult playing a DS in public; that's just not something that I've really seen before, so I thought that was cool.

While we would have loved to have kept talking with Square Enix's wonderful PR department, we had to cut things short on the interview side to play all of the games that they have coming out over the next couple months. We were able to try out Final Fantasy Tactics A2, Final Fantasy IV, and Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo's Dungeon. They also distracted us with the classic titles Arkanoid and Space Invaders Extreme. Let's just say that Space Invaders is addictive. We shall have impressions soon, so stay tuned.

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