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RttS 2008 - Expansion of the New World


Sword of the New World

RPGamer sat down today with K2's Jon-Enee Merriex, Associate Producer of Sword of the New World. We were able to ask a variety of questions concerning this MMORPG.

Sword of the New World held a contest for naming the first expansion: Manifest Destiny and it was so popular that they ran it again. The results are in for the new expansion's name. Entitled Nocturnal Sonata the new content is now confirmed for a June 25th release date. Nocturnal Sonata will launch with two new characters: Vincent Ryo and Baek Ho. There will also be new skills and stances for existing characters.

In order to finish the previous expansion, Bahamar Bayou will be released this month on May 28. This new area will complete the promises of Manifest Destiny. To celebrate, K2 will have a Gold sale, marking all Gold prices down 20% off the normal price between May 22 through May 26.

In July, there will be new items the fans have been asking about for a while. Included in these are permanent swimsuit costumes. Also, books that increase the drop rate of items by 20% will be added to the cash shop.

Following these updates, Sword of the New World will take a turn toward letting smaller clans get a piece of the action in Faction Wars. With the new alliance system in a future update, clans will be able to bond together to fight larger clans without forcing them to merge into a single clan. These plans also include a chat channel specifically for alliances.

RPGamer would like to thank Jon-Enee and all of K2's staff for all the time and effort in showing us their library of games.

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Sword of the New World: Nocturnal Sonata
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