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North America to Find Another Abyss


From the Abyss

Aksys Games will be bringing Sonic Powered's Nintendo DS action RPG From the Abyss to North America. In From the Abyss, players will be able to explore a new, randomly generated world during each new journey. Aksys Games Project Lead Nobara Ogawa states, "From the Abyss can be enjoyed by people who are new to the action RPG genre but challenging enough for experienced players alike."

In the world of Rubenhaut, players will be able to adventure solo or co-op with a local friend to battle against the Dark Lord of the Abyss. From the Abyss will feature character customization in the form of skill points that will allow the player to create anything from a powerful caster to a fierce warrior. Players will also be able to steal techniques from enemies by capturing their soul. From the Abyss has yet to be rated by the ESRB; however, RPGamer will have more details as the game nears its Q4 2008 release.

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From the Abyss
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