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Final Fantasy IV Remake, XII International Announced


Square Enix

In advance of its big May game party, Square Enix has unveiled two new projects in the pages of Weekly Jump -- or, at least, two new spins on older projects.

The first game revealed was Final Fantasy XII International: Zodiac Job System. Like prior games such as Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy X-2, Final Fantasy XII will be getting rereleased in Japan with the addition of the English voice acting and, possibly, English text as an option. Additional content changes are being included in the form of a new job system allowing characters access to different, unique license boards.

The second unveiling was Final Fantasy IV DS, a full 3D remake of the fourth game in the long-running series. Unlike the slightly upgraded port delivered in the form of Final Fantasy IV Advance, this new version follows in the footsteps of Final Fantasy III DS in featuring new polygonal character models, full 3D backgrounds, and new story elements.

Expect more images and information about these two games to surface as the Square Enix Party takes place over the course of this weekend.

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