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Mega Man Turns Twenty, Gets Date


 Mega Man Star Force

Capcom recently shared new information about Mega Man Star Force for the Nintendo DS. This year marks Mega Man's twentieth birthday and Star Force will mark the beginning of a new series.

"Mega Man is one of the gaming industry's most iconic franchises and the series continues to evolve," commented Jack Symon, director of brand marketing at Capcom Entertainment. "Mega Man Star Force kicks off a new, innovative series in three versions, offering fans even more ways to enjoy their favorite blue hero."

The three versions (Pegasus, Leo, and Dragon) each offer a unique elemental skill set. Players will switch between the real world and the virtual "Wave World" where battles occur. The battles take place on a 3x5 grid and attacks are executed via elementally based Battle Cards, which can be used to create powerful combos. Cards can be created over the course of the game and decks can be customized based on a player's desired attack strategy.

Star Force will have WiFi compatibility and allow players to link to six friends. Linking will give players various advantages, such as higher HP and attack levels, special card combos, and a power boost for shared cards. Also, if players link to one of the alternate versions of the game they gain access Mega Man's abilities in that version.

All three versions of Mega Man Star Force are due out in August with a suggested retail price of $34.99. It is rated "E" for everyone.

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Mega Man Star Force
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