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Phantom Brave Makeover Planned


Phantom Brave

Nippon Ichi has announced a re-release of its 2004 SRPG Phantom Brave, temporarily named Phantom Brave Nishume Hajimemashita. The title loosely translates to "Phantom Brave Second Lap."

The original story and gameplay from Phantom Brave remain intact, and the differences only begin after the final boss has been defeated. At that point, a monster NPC appears at Marona's island home. The player can speak to the monster to start the game from the beginning, keeping all characters' levels and weapons.

Alternatively, players can linger and challenge a new secret boss whose statistics are several times higher than the previous ultimate boss. For those who want to rush to the new fight without playing the entire game again, there is a "Convert" feature that can load the original Phantom Brave save file.

Phantom Brave Nishume Hajimemashita is scheduled to be released in Japan in Summer 2006, and at a price of 2800 ($24 US). No other releases have been announced.

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Phantom Brave
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