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Ar Tonelico Coming to North America


Ar Tonelico

NIS America has announced that Ar Tonelico will be released for North American gamers on the PlayStation on October 31. Developed and published by Banpresto Co, Ltd. in Japan, "Ar Tonelico marks a new approach to the RPG genre by seamlessly combining simulation with roleplaying," NIS America said.

Gamers will be able to customize weapons and items used in the game, as well as design the personalities of the characters they control, their skills, and also their appearances through "virtual interaction." In addition, events that have previously taken place will affect future gameplay and even the outcome of the game itself. "Ar Tonelico signals a welcome change to ordinary RPGs," NIS America continued. "It's ambitious, with a new range of unique characters, frequently shifting moods, and a witty storyline. It is a title that hardcore RPG fans will rejoice about, and also satisfy North American gamers."

The story of Ar Tonelico revolves around a world shaken by two separate apocalyptic wars. An electromagnetic field has sealed off access to the sky, and "an ocean of death" lies below. Humanity lives above these deadly seas on continents powered by the magical tower Ar Tonelico, which is protected by a group called the Knights of Elemia, but soon evil forces threaten the peace and balance of the tower. Key features listed include virtual interaction with mood-shifting characters, a unique song-based battle system, and over 300 creatable items.

No rating information is available at this time, but stay tuned to RPGamer as more information comes out in the months to come.

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Ar Tonelico
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