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Bidding Farewell to Mother?


Mother 3

Mother 3, the latest game in the Mother series, was recently released in Japan for the Game Boy Advance, and over 200,000 units were sold in its first week. North American gamers who don't recognize the name might know it better as Earthbound, the American name of Mother 2 which was released on the Super Nintendo many, many moons ago.

It seems that the series' creator and producer Shigesato Itoi has grim news for Mother fans. In an interview posted on his blog, Itoi stated that he has no plans on continuing the franchise. When asked if there would be more game development in his future, he answered, "Not Mother 4."

Some small good news for fans: Mother 3 finally came out over a decade after the release of Mother 2, after Mother 3 was originally planned for release on Nintendo 64DD before it was cancelled at the time.

At this time, Mother 3 has not been scheduled for a North American release.

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