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Enchanted Arms

Ubisoft has announced plans to publish the Japanese classic, Enchanted Arms, formerly known as eM eNCHANT arM, on Microsoft's XBox 360. Developed by Japanese studio FromSoftware, Enchanted Arms promises great things to open up the RPG genre on the next generation console.

The game sweeps into a world in which a war has been brewing for 1000 years. We join the tale as the young Enchanter Atsuma, who is soon set for great things to help end the eons old war.

There are 75 other playable characters who can be unlocked and will help Atsuma fight the good fight. The fighting itself is reported to focus on the good old turn based system, although in this case it also enables the characters to be moved about the screen in a battle. Meanwhile, the game's challenges increase in difficulty, which are augmented by Atsuma's evolving abilities.

Ubisoft is excited by the possibilities represented in Enchanted Arms. Vice President Jay Cohen says, “With its fast-action gameplay, stunning high-definition graphics, rich and colorful environments, and over an hour of anime-style cinematics, it’s a must-have for every Xbox 360 owner.”

Look out for Enchanted Arms blasting onto the XBox 360 in the summer in both North America and Europe.

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Enchanted Arms
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