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Tales of the Abyss Receives Localization


Tales of the Abyss

In discussions with GameSpot, Namco Bandai confirmed that Tales of the Abyss, the eighth title in the Tales series, will be seeing a release in North America. The PlayStation 2 RPG will hit American shores hot on the heels of Tales of Legendia, which came out earlier this year.

Tales of the Abyss, which was made by the same development team behind Tales of Symphonia, features the return of the series' trademark real time linear motion battle system amidst a story boasting anime cutscenes and a multitude of character skits. Other staples of the Tales games, such as character titles and an in-depth cooking system, will also be returning.

Namco Bandai also teased that the game will see some additional exclusive content added to the North American release, though the company's representatives were tight lipped about just what those additions might be. Look for Tales of the Abyss to arrive on retail shelves during the crowded fall of 2006.

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Tales of the Abyss
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