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Rogue Galaxy North America Bound


Rogue Galaxy

Sony Computer Entertainment America has confirmed that Rogue Galaxy is confirmed for an October release in North America.

Developed by Level 5, the game is set in a sci-fi space setting. It begins on a rather droll planet called "Rosa" where the main character, Jaster Rogue, lives. He dreams of going to space, but it wasn't until he met up with a space pirate named Dorgengoa that Jaster gets his wish. Together they set off to find a planet that holds the secret to eternal life, while a full scale galactic war is brewing all around them.

Those wondering what has been happening between the Japanese release and now will be pleased. The North American release will see several new additions to the game. The biggest change is that a new planet is being added. Also, over one hundred new weapons, items, and other collectables will be unique to this release. The game's combo system is being revamped. Rather than occur randomly, they will now happen by manually using items dropped by monsters.

With E3 just two weeks away, stay tuned to RPGamer for more details.

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Rogue Galaxy
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