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Jack Thompson Sues You For Libel, Slander


Jack Thompson

Jack Thompson, noted outrage sufferer and sometime legal practitioner, has sued you, on the grounds that statements you made against him at some time were slanderous in nature. Further, operating on his assumption that all gamers are internet addicts, he has sued you for libel, indicating that he intends to seek substantial damages for the wrongs you have allegedly committed.

The slanderous incident in question took place on February 14th of this year, when in an online game you were allegedly heard to utter "Jack Thompson is a douche" into your TeamSpeak headset. The libel charges, meanwhile, stem from your message board post of January 6th, in which you are alleged to have written that Thompson "sleeps with his mother," "has the legal acumen of a lobotomized pig" and "doesn't know what the hell he's talking about, has he ever even actually picked up a game? Seriously, the guy is a stupid fearmonger and I can't believe the media keeps giving him a forum for his stupid (expletive deleted). That (expletive deleted expletive deleted) had better watch his back if he ever (expletive deleted) comes to Duluth!"

You could not be reached for comment, but you have reportedly retained the services of ACLU lawyer T. Jeremy Gunn in your defense. RPGamer will continue to carry more on your story as it develops.

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