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WoW Subscribers Band Together, Declare War on Denmark


World of Warcraft

Having received notice that they now outnumber the populace of Denmark, the citizens of the online RPG World of Warcraft have banded together to strike down the fearsome European nation.

Inspired by tales of Danish gold and other high-level drops in the newly reported high-level instances of Red Light District (RLD) and Amsterdam's vaunted marijuana cafes (AMC), WoW gamers have been swarming the country's internet servers since midnight, apparently with little success thus far.

Mike Morhaine, project lead and newly minted Brigadier General at Blizzard, explains that "By introducing the concept of a hostile nation here on earth into the game, we feel we have found a flashpoint of emotion that can unite all our gamers against the evil of Denmark. I mean, Vikings? Terrorists with longboats!"

Morhaine then proceeded to hop onto a company plane, newly outfitted with wi-fi access and a machine gun turret. At last report, the plane was sighted refueling in New York, but its destination thereafter remains unclear. RPGamer will continue to follow this military campaign as it progresses.

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