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New Dragoons Announced


Drag-On Dragoon 2

Last week, Square Enix released Drag-On Dragoon 2 with sales reaching approximately 125,000 in the first four days. This title, which takes place eighteen years after the original, is currently on par to outsell the original title as it is already more than half way to that number.

Throughout the past couple weeks, Square Enix has been updating the title's official site with numerous new movies, wallpapers, and information about characters. The movies can be viewed either by clicking on the little icon on the main page of the site and clicking on TV-CM, where there are six commercials, or clicking where it says Movies, to view five trailers. Clicking on Downloads will bring up the wallpapers which are all only available in 1024x768 format. The other sections have mostly all been covered by the site in the past, though there are some new character updates which will be listed below.

Angel - Once a mighty and feared dragon, he was beaten and left for dead by those whom he hated most, humans. When Caim came across him, also near death, a pact was created between two species which hated each other. During their adventures together, they saved the world and created a bond that couldn't be separated, even in death. Angel sacrificed himself, the original title's true ending, to become a seal and save the world from destruction. This heavy and painful burden was deepened when the High Priest of the Crimson knights revised and strengthened the five seals, pushing him into a deeper, lonelier darkness.

Caim - The main character of the original title, he sacrificed his ability to talk to save his life. In doing so, he gained a powerful ally in Angel, also whom would become a close companion. After Angel sacrificed himself for the world, Caim took Mana under his wing and traveled around the world. Over the past eighteen years, he has lost both his eyesight and his hatred and revenge he harbored after losing both his sister and his best friend. One day, he hears a dragon's voice in his head telling of a deep betrayal by Veldre. At this time, we are unsure whether this is a person or a country. In this one moment, with his many years of peace wiped out, Caim's eyes burn with that of a new light.

Gismor - The current leader of the Crimson knights, he gained his position three years ago through less than honest means. After being freed from a life of slavery, he began following the 'might makes right' credo and used every dirty trick in his repertoire to leech his way into leadership. He is prepared to do whatever he needs to remain in his position and he lords it over the rest of the knights with an iron fist and fear. He regards the former leader, a just and kind man named Oror, with scorn and loathing. Though it is apparent that he has made a pact, with whom or what is currently unknown.

Nowe - Once meeting Mana and finding out what the Crimson knights have truly been up to, Nowe changes himself. When he was a member of the knights, he did his job both dutifully and admirably, but once discovering that the group was slowly delving into the darkness of corruption, he deserted. From that moment forward, he has devoted himself to follow Mana and company as they journey to save the victims in the wake of the Crimson knights' brutality.

Oror - The former leader of the Crimson knights, he was the closest thing to a parent as Nowe ever had. He did his best to raise Nowe with principles of both justice and respect. Oror first joined the knights to help protect the five seals, though he does admit that he does have his dark-side. Knowing this, he decided to allow all types of people join the ranks of the Crimson knights which is how Gismor found his way in the door. Though the way he acted brought him both trust and devotion from most of his subordinates, he eventually dies in an ambush which many people believe not to be an accident.

While Drag-On Dragoon 2 was received fairly well in Japanese press, this title currently has not been announced for localization in any other countries. Though this might look bad, the original Drag-On Dragoon (known as Drakengard outside of Japan) wasn't announced for localization until approximately six months after its Japanese release.

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