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New Tales Battle, Epilogue Information


Tales of Legendia/Namco

Several new tidbits of information concerning Namco's Tales of Legendia were posted recently on the title's official Japanese website. It appears as if, once the final boss has been defeated and the credits have all played out, this latest Tales title will offer players a few more things to do.

The first piece of information revealed dealt with Tales of Legendia's battle system. This new information shouldn't come as much of a surprise to followers of the series, as the mechanics described don't deviate greatly from Tales tradition. In addition to the fighting-game-styled system, players who utilize a wide variety of attacks will reap greater rewards than those who rely on only a handful of powerful special attacks, as the more an attack is used, the more powerful it becomes. Characters that have made use of all the strikes available to them will wield a large arsenal of destructive techniques, whereas characters that have made use of only a few strikes will wield only two or three powerful techniques.

The second bit of information is for players who have always wished that, once the game has ended, they could go back and follow their beloved characters' stories just a bit further. For those that desire this sort of epilogue, Tales of Legendia delivers. When the credits have all rolled, players will be able to take individual characters and participate in "Character Quests," which are essentially more personal side quests that reveal more about a character's past, future, and personality.

Tales of Legendia will see a Japanese release on August 25. While no exact date has been given to the North American release, the title is expected to ship to western shores in February, 2006.

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