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Lunar Name, Gameplay Detailed


Lunar: Dragon Song

A slew of new details for Lunar Genesis recently surfaced on the official Ubisoft website, on a page which has since been removed, including the new official title of the game, Lunar: Dragon Song. Set in the distant past when legends of dragons were first born, RPGamers will join new hereos Jian, Lucia, and Gabriel on a quest to convert the Forces of Darkness to Beings of Light.

Additional details include mention of a Battle Card system, where different Battle Cards may be used to strengthen the spells, skills, and attacks of your party, as well as connectivity features that take advantage of the Nintendo DS wireless function to enable players to trade rare and unique items. From the original creators of the Lunar series, Lunar: Dragon Song is a prequel to Lunar: The Silver Star Story, revealing the past of the world of Lunar as well as being a Nintendo DS exclusive title.

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Lunar: Dragon Song
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