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Tales of Legendia Enemies Detailed


Tales of Legendia

New details have been revealed on some of the enemy characters you'll be squaring off against as Senel and his crew in Namco's upcoming Tales of Legendia. Tales of Legendia has been announced for Playstation 2 and is slated for release in North America in the first quarter of 2006.

  • Vaclav Bolud - A general with over 20 years of exemplary military service, there are few who have not heard the name of General Vaclav. Together with his three lieutenants, the Triple Kites, he is after Shirley, Senel's younger sister.

  • Melanie - After joining Vaclav's army 10 years ago, Melanie worked her way up through the chain of command to become one of Vaclav's favored lieutenants. More than a little sadistic, Melanie enjoys inflicting pain upon her enemies.

  • Stingle - A man of mystery who never takes off his mask, Stingle joined Vaclav's army about 5 years ago. Because he refuses to discuss himself, the other two members of the Triple Kites don't get along with him very well.

  • Cashel - Like Melanie, Cashel enlisted in Vaclav's army around 10 years ago. Similar to a ninja, his specialities include spying, recon, and terroristic missions.

In development since late 2004, Tales of Legendia is planned for release this summer in Japan and the coming winter in North America. Featuring character design by Kazuta Nakasawa, this will mark the seventh game to be released in the Tales series.

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Tales of Legendia
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