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Nintendo at E3, Revolution Details



A partial list of titles that Nintendo will be showing off at E3 as well as first Revolution details have been unveiled. The list of titles below is unofficial, though most are already known.:

On the official docket today are the first official details regarding Nintendo's next-generation console, code named the Revolution. The console itself will only be as thick as about three standard DVD cases and only just longer. The console can be set either horizontally or vertically to fit into the space that gamers require. Nintendo's fans should be happy to know that with the help of partners IBM and ATI, the Revolution will bring power to wow players with top notch graphics. Also of note is that the console will be backwards compatible and will play both Gamecube 8cm discs as well as Revolution's own 12cm discs. With the internet growing more and more, Nintendo has chosen to add wireless internet directly out of the box, giving players the chance to enjoy something new from them; full online gaming. This new console is expected to be unveiled at E3 in the next couple days and is currently scheduled for launch in 2006.

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