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Aruze, Namco, and Square Enix collectively announced four Japanese release dates for their titles in the past couple days. Shadow Hearts: From the New World, Tales of Legendia, Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, and Grandia III were all given official release dates.

Shadow Hearts: From the New World, developed by Nautilus and to be published by Aruze, has been given a release date of July 28 and will retail for 7329 yen. Aruze also plans a premium box which will retail for 12390 yen and will include:

  • DVD Extras
  • Original Soundtrack
  • Replica of Johnny's T-shirt
  • Keychain, in the form of Shania's earring
  • "3 Valentine Siblings" decorative mobile hand strap
  • A small notebook

Tales of Legendia, developed by Tales Studios and to be published by Namco, has been scheduled to ship on August 25 and will retail for 7140 yen. Currently the goodies that will come with the pre-orders and limited edition version hasn't been announced. The limited edition will however retail for the same price and will be first come, first served, while supplies last.

Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, the feature length CGI film from Square Enix, has been scheduled to ship on September 14 and is expected to retail for 4800 yen. Currently this announcement is only for the DVD version of the film. There was a special edition hinted at by Nomura, though no concrete details on it were given. The UMD Video version of the movie is expected to be announced shortly, though Square Enix has been, for the most part, keeping quiet about the version since the movie's announcement.

The final title to see a release date announcement is Grandia III, developed by Game Arts and to be published by Square Enix, which is scheduled to release on August 4 and will retail for 7980 yen. This title was kept under wraps since development started in 2000 and was just recently announced this March.

Tales of Legendia and Advent Children, so far, are the only two titles announced for North American localization with generalized dates of Winter 2006 and Fall 2005, respectively. Most of those titles are expected to make appearances at E3, though Shadow Hearts may not if it hasn't ben licensed. Expect more details on these titles as they're announced.

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