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Namco Confirms Tales of Legendia for Western Shores


Tales of Legendia

Namco Japan's North American publishing arm, Namco Hometek Inc., announced today that the latest chapter in the company's Tales series, Tales of Legendia, has officially been scheduled for a North American localization exclusively for the PlayStation 2. Tales of Legendia sports 3D graphics akin to the series' GameCube exclusive Tales of Symphonia. The game also features a cast of characters designed by Kazuto Nakazawa, an internationally acclaimed Japanese artist known best in North America for his animation sequences in the film Kill Bill: Vol. 1.

"We look forward to bringing the newest 'Tales' adventure to the loyal fans of this franchise," the Business Unit Director at Namco Hometek Inc., Yoshi Niki, said in a statement. "'Tales of Legendia's' updated graphics and engaging battle system clearly sets a new standard for the role-playing genre of games, and we are confident players will be delighted with this next journey."

Tales of Legendia is described as being "an epic tale of love and heroism" that highlights human bonds and relationships. The story's main character, Senel Coolidge, is lost at sea with his younger sister, Shirley. As their food, supplies, and hope are just about to run out, an island suddenly bursts through the ocean mist and charges at the siblings in their small vessel. Despite Senel's attempts at controlling their boat, they all become engulfed in the massive wake caused by the fast-moving island and lose consciousness. When the two finally come around, they find themselves on the island, which they now realize is actually an enormous ship called the Legacy. What have Senel and Shirley stumbled upon? A relic of their world's ancient past? An unknown civilization? All will be revealed when Tales of Legendia hits North American stores.

Unfortunately, though the game has been confirmed for a western release, Namco has yet to provide a concrete release date. Also, there is also still no word on the possibility of a localization for Namco's other Tales title, Tales of Rebirth, released in Japan in December 2004.

UPDATE: According Namco's official site, Tales of Legendia has been given an official, albeit broad release date. As of now, the game is slated for a North American release in the winter of 2006.

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