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Guild Wars: E3 for Everyone Event


Guild Wars

Ever wanted to be a part of E3 but couldn't spare the time and money? Ever wanted to get an exclusive preview of an upcoming game usually only available to the press? Now's your chance! ArenaNet, the publishers behind the upcoming PC MMORPG Guild Wars, recently announced their "E3 for Everyone" event. From May 12 to May 14, players who download the Guild Wars E3 demo client can play the game months before it is released for beta testing.

With player vs. player combat and over 400 different available skills, Guild Wars looks to be a very innovative addition to the world of the MMORPG. A variety of options will be available to players who take part in the E3 demo event, including solo player quests, cooperative missions, multiplayer arena combat, and a competetive tournament. All the details are available at the official Guild Wars website. Don't miss this rare opportunity for a sneak peak of the exciting new MMORPG from NCsoft.

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