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New Shining Force Titles on the Way



According to a teaser website recently opened by Sega, the Shining Force series is due for a resurrection. In addition to the upcoming Game Boy Advance title Shining Force: Resurrection of the Dark Dragon, the newly-opened Shining World website promises us two more new releases in the series. The other two releases; Shining Tears and another game simply titled Shining Force, are not yet bound to a particular console, though at least one will be developed by the Amusement Vision studio.

The Shining Force series has been rather dormant since its third installment on the Saturn, with only the spin off Shining Soul representing the series since then. With this new information, the series looks to be preparing for a resurgence. It's likely that we'll become privy to more information from Sega at E3.

The latest issue of Famitsu Weekly contains a few details concerning which consoles the new Shining Force titles will be native to. Shining Tears, an action RPG, will be released for the Playstation 2 this winter in Japan. Followed by a completely original Shining Force strategy RPG for the Playstation 2, which will be released in Japan some time next year.

More details will be released on the web on the 30th of April. Also, we expect a batch of new information at this year's E3.

UPDATE - 4/29/04

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