Transformations and Upgrades for Ys Remakes

While we're all getting ready to enjoy our summers, Falcom and Digicube are hard at work producing remakes of the initial Ys titles under the banner, Ys 1&2: Eternal Story. As proof of their commitment to us, the gaming public, they have released new information relating to this adaptation for the Playstation 2 including additional characters, new story features, and a selection of extra items.

Most of the new story additions to Eternal Story are centered around the addition of two new characters; a pair of sisters named Jeanne (who will be played by Ayano Sugiyama of Kamen Riders) and Misha (voiced by Mayuka Suzuki of Tokimeki Memorial Girl's Side). These sisters are part of a new dream world which can be accessed once Adol has acquired the Jewel of Dreams. Serving as a kind of miniquest repository, the world of dreams, and the two sisters who inhabit it, will allow players to gain access to the extra artwork and sound files which are present in the remake. By bringing special items to each of the girls in their dream haven, players will help Misha complete paintings of each of the female main characters from Ys 1&2 or allow Jeanne to produce and comment on an archive of sound files from the games.

In addition to these story flourishes, Ys 1&2: Eternal Story will also feature some upgrades to the now somewhat outdated Ys battle system. One of the major changes will be a new "Alternating Equipment System" which will allow Adol to equip a variety of special equipment pieces and weapons. Each of these items will have its own effect on Adol's performance in battle, and combining them will allow him to apply numerous status effects or attributes to enemies at the same time.

Ys 1&2: Eternal Story is currently planned for a summer release in Japan. No release dates for North America or Europe have been announced as of yet.

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by Gabriel Putnam    
Sources: [Impress Game Watch]

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